The Southern V Soft Opening

This past Saturday a new vegan restaurant in Nashville, The Southern V, opened for their first day of business. The Southern V is a vegan bakery and cafe that serves delicious southern soul food, but without the use of animal products. My friends and I arrived around 5pm and there was a long line out the door. The smells outside were incredible and the atmosphere was so genuine and lively.


There were a bunch of families and kids playing in the area outside the building while we waited in line for food. It was probably the most fun I’ve ever had waiting in line!



This girl is a 2nd generation vegan! So cool and she was so sweet!


Once we ordered, the food did not take long before it was out and ready to eat. Since it was just a soft opening and so many people had gone earlier; there were only a few items left on the menu. I ordered the BBQ Ribz with a side of mac & cheeze and mixed beans. Truly the most flavorful vegan southern soul food I have had to date!


And for dessert we bought the last two oatmeal raisin cookies. Sorry to the people behind me that waited 30min and had to leave bc no more cookies. They were so tasty and had the perfect amount of sweetness. I wish all cookies were this good!



And finally one of the best parts of the whole event was talking to the people and community at the restaurant. It’s so reassuring and inspiring to meet and talk to like minded individuals in the area. So many people in the south struggle with adopting a plant based diet, due to the traditional heavily animal product based cuisine. There was a lot of discussion about how places like the Southern V make it a lot easier, and that adopting these changes will benefit us all.


Talking with the owners at the end just made the experience even better, they were so kind and wanted our feedback to improve the Southern V. I can’t wait for the grand opening, and I hope to find myself coming back often. It’s only one mile from Vanderbilt’s campus, making it a super convenient and close option for an awesome vegan meal.




513 Fisk Street Unit B
Nashville, TN 37203